Friday, August 19, 2005

The Isra-Mongo deal and how we almost died

Well.. just 2 days in Mongolia.. who would ever believe what I’m about to tell??

Let me start from where I stopped last time.

The first night in Ulaan Bataar we decided to go out. After all what I’ve heard from people laughing about Mongolia’s UB city and what can or can’t be done there, I have to say that I found a very cool city that has almost everything to offer to a western - everything but a veggie meal.

The city is awake 24 hours a day. It means you have 24 hr banks, restaurants, pubs, clubs and kiosks. I mean hey, even Tel Aviv doesn’t have all that!
So we went out to a pool place, all three of us. In UB pool is everywhere, even in normal building in the suburbs. We got on a cab with another one of the numerous crazy drivers going in this place. To make it short I would only want to mention the fact that I won a game against Mongolia’s pool champion! Well… maybe he wasn’t that but he was still the best player I’ve ever played against. And I won J

The morning after we went to do some shopping. Like in China it is very cheap and with a great verity of products. We only got some small stuff. And now to the first part of this chapter.

Part 1 - The Isra-Mongo deal

At some point of our wondering in the city we got to some building, looking for a copy machine. Suddenly one guy around 40 years old approached us and said in Hebrew “what are u looking for?” We had a small conversation and he told us his name is Dudu and that he’s been working here for 8-9 months. We decided to meet him for dinner.

We met at 19:00 and he took us some Irish pub with good western food. I think after like 30 minutes we all got to the inevitable conclusion that this guy was completely fucked up. He told us that he’s been trying to do business here for 8 or 9 months but with no great success. He blah-blahed with his stupid ideas to the point where almost fell asleep. Among his “wonderful” ideas he wanted to import to Mongolia “Bamba” (!!!)

At some point he stared at us with the most stupid look and asked: “do you know anything about airport radars?” You can guess what our answer was. For some reason he decided it is still fine that we don’t know shit about it and so he told us that the Mongolians are looking for a new radar for their UB airport. We hmm-hmmed him as we did with almost everything he talked about. He tried to convince him to help him with this deal. “Israeli radars are the best!” he said. “You don’t need to know anything about radars,” He promised, “just ask them some questions that I’ll give you and then a friend of mine will recommend them to buy it from Israel… big money my friends! Big money!”

He even dared and called “his contact” and set a meeting for us for 10:00 tomorrow morning. The morning after, we called him and told him to have a nice life.

Part 2 – “how we almost died”

At the same day we met Dudu we also got our tent and some of the equipment we needed for our planned trip. At night we thought about going out but right before we went out Shlomit said she is too tired and she wants to sleep. Rami and I decided to still go for a walk and find something to do. On the way out I told Rami “You know women and their intuition.. if Shlomit decided not to join us it means that something bad is going to happen tonight”.

We went to look for a pub but none of those we saw was interesting so we went to the internet place to check our mail. After that we went to one of the 24 hr restaurants where I had to struggle again to get a veggie meal and ended up with a microscopic plate of cabbage salad. We went out and got in a taxi.

The taxi dropped us on the main road where only 50 meters of dirt road were between us and our hostel. We walked into the dirt road. It was 3 at night. Suddenly a car stopped on the main road 15 meters from us and they called us. Rami, against any reasonable thinking, decided to run to that car to see what they want. As he was running I called him “Rami! Don’t go there!” But he did. I can say now that he did all the worst mistakes a tourist can do in a dark alley at the middle of the night when two guys call you from a car. He was standing to close to the car and tried to understand what they want. I called him “Rami come!” every 5 seconds but he ignored that. At some point he looked at me and called “I don’t understand what they want!” I yelled at him to come and he finally came. We started walking fast and the car started to go after us into the alley. Some people came from the other side so I guess it scared the 2 guys in the car and they stopped. We went faster. After the people disappeared from the street, the driver hit the gas and drove towards us. He hit the brake and spun the car right in front of us. We started running to the opposite direction and he was chasing us until we turned left into some dark garden. We went around the building and snuck into our hostel. We were safe again.

Mongolian men at night get really drunk and violent. We knew that, but didn’t believe. Now we do believe.

Now it’s up to you if you believe all that. I swear it all happened in one day. Mongolia rocks! J

Btw, today in the morning we decided to finally go to our trip. It is 21 days around Mongolia in a jeep, including horse tracks, sleeping in gers and having lots of fun!

I am excited.

Take care y’all and if I bother anyone please let me know and I’ll take you off my list.



Anonymous francine said...

Hey guys!
So much excitement in only one day. Rami should be grounded. Have a great journey. Can't wait to hear more.

5:10 PM  
Anonymous zadok said...

I read it and sent u email.



6:39 PM  
Anonymous Denis said...

Outside of the big city, people will be kinder even at night.:-)
Therefore there is nothing to worry - go to your Big Travel!

Be Lucky on a way

7:59 PM  
Anonymous eli philosoph said...

man you are not bother any one. hell, is so fascinating what both of you gone thru. On my part I only want you guys to for fill you dream to experience and to disconnect from us here.
if i insulted you im sorry, it came from the heart, in a good intention.

1:03 AM  
Anonymous yulia said...

You are look strangely
there with your typical Jewis faces:-)

10:43 AM  
Anonymous J said...

Do you still need some help? Dennis 7 days old son & myself can catch up and help you with the bad guys ...

9:48 PM  

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