Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Mongolia.. Lovely Mongolia

Well.. I'm in Mongolia.

Oh yes I am.

Let me start from where I stopped..

We got up early in the morning (early, but not quit on time) to get ready for the train. We planned to leave at 6:45 and therefore at 7:05 we left our room and found Tim (! the American guy that I forgot his name last time). He was waiting for us, pissed off that we are late, but hey, he is American :)

We went quickly to the Metro and got on the one that goes to the train station (“Beijing Jan” in Chinese). We run down the stairways and got to the train while they were about the close the door. We got on it. Tim was upset anyway :)

We got separate cabins and all of us got the top beds. I was in a cabin with some Chinese family – grandma, grandpa, a mother and daughter. They all went to sleep besides the girl who were with one eye open checking me and giving me the look of “I know u are going to kill me and my family”. For 30 minutes I tried to smile and be nice so that she falls asleep with no worries and let me go to sleep with a good feeling. It didn’t work. So I gave her the look of “You are right, I AM a killer, a damn good one too”. I can’t really say if it worked well… She tried to wake her Mom and when that didn’t work out she jumped down and went to sleep with her grandpa on the bottom bad. I guess it did work. I fell asleep.

After a couple of hours of sleeping I think the girl decided to take her revenge. She started crying and yelling “Mommy! Mommy wake up!” She did that every 30-40 minutes until I just had to wake up and get out of there. Merde! Never mess up with little girls, they have really loud voice.

This train wasn’t the Trans-Mongolian train but just some other train, but it was great, in good condition and with a very positive destination – “Arlyan”. Arlyan is the border city between Mongolia and China. The train station over there was amazing. It looked so unreal and well designed, but you couldn’t help the thought that it was really in the middle of no where!

As always, me and Rami – 2 professional trouble makers, decided to play outside the station with a ball. We played throw and catch and almost killed a few people and a light pole.

We found out that we don’t need to spend the night there and that if we go into the station maybe we can get some tickets for the train leaving in 3 hours. As before we got lucky and we got 4 of the last 7 tickets. This time, me Rami and Tim (which became less and less friendly) got on the same cabin with an old Chinese guy, while Shlomit got on a separate cabin with a fat gold-wearing Mongolian guy named “mogi”. He was the perfect description of a Mongolian Ars.

Well, that was the second time that Shlomit gets screwed with some weird guy in one room. The first time was when we where in Beijing in the “Fay-Yieng” hostel. Me and Rami took a normal double room (yes we are spoiled), while Shlomit was staying in a dormitory with like 6 other people. One of them was a crazy, weirdo guy from Iran. Yes, I said Iran. He didn’t look anything close to a typical Iranian guy. He had long hair, weird look in his eyes, a beard and was over 40 I think. Among the many weird things he did, he approached Shlomit right in her face, touched his forehead and showed her all the sweat he had there and said: “so hot outside, look how much I sweat.” He also caught her on the way out the morning after and told her “I saw your friends, they have Jewish faces, I know they are Jewish”. He was weird, period. At some point it struck Shlomit – they guy is a terrorist / spy. “What else would he do in Beijing?” said Shlomit, “He is planning a big terror act for the Olympics in 2008!”

Well… I find it hard to believe but even if that’s the case, I wish him a very sticky, smelly and full of shilshul 3 years :)

Anyways, back to the train. Mogi, the other weird guy turned out to be really cute and harmless, but still, I am sure he was carrying about $100,000 worth of drugs. Well a job is a job and a Mogi’s gotta do what a Mogi’s gotta do. We hade a very nice ride with the greatest view I’ve ever seen. Mongolia’s view is just amazing. After a barely noticed 14 hours ride we got to Ulaan Bataar (UB) the capitol.

In the train station we got invitations to 3 or 4 different hostels. I convinced Rami and Shlomit to chose the young guy with gel on his her and a tie on an absolutely normal shirt that wasn’t designed to carry a tie. The guy’s name was “Tegshek”. To make it easier to remember I changed it to “take shit”. Mongolian people in UB know some English so it is easier than in China. We told him that we will come to his place later and went to eat lunch.

We found a place called “Fast Food’. A very convincing name. The food was great and I’m still with no need for meat. After that we called “take shit” and asked him to pick us to the “hostel”. He came after 3 minutes as promised and drove like a maniac to the place. It wasn’t a hostel. It’s was his house where he lives with his girlfriend. But it was still good enough.

So, we are in Mongolia, a dream became reality. I know it’s only Ulaan Bataar but something in the air here is different.

Anyway, until last time, take care ya all. Miss you already.



Anonymous Yosi Oren said...

Hi kobby,
We all found a new talent. Kobbie is writer, and actualy a good one. keep writing this blogg. maybe you can publish it when you get back and make some money ?

Enjoy Moongoo and keep usupdated!!
don't forget to take pictures.

If you find some single tracks , mark them out and let me know.

1:09 PM  
Anonymous Nicc said...

Hey Kobbie and Rami,

Congrats on reaching Mongolia. From the little I know about the country, I know that most places have more vowels than constenants in their names, most begin with "U" and usally "Um". Well here in "Um-Israel" it's just as you left it.

Enjoy the biggest adventure of your lives ... so far ;)

I would be really interested in seeing any pictures.

Have fun and be safe,


1:24 PM  
Anonymous Dean said...

You too! Get off the damn computer!

1:41 PM  
Anonymous Yionna said...

Kobbie - I can't stop laughing.. Seriously, I think you need to change professions and become a writer. No wait you cant change, we need you...

I know you are going without meat, but what about chocolate - HMMM!

1:44 PM  
Blogger Denis said...

You have reached Mongolia, I am glad for you! Write what you feel, when it's possible to touch your dream...
I love your story - I look here all time, in hope to see continuation!
In places where there will be no Internet, write down all in a some writing-book , then you could publish

2:43 PM  
Anonymous zadok said...

Hi kobbie

There is internet in mongolia?!

Great to hear from you again. it seem like a great time for you, with plenty experience.
Upload some pictures.
And i agree - kobbie is a good writer!

It was a funny stories :)

Update as much as possible

take care
bye bye


9:41 PM  
Blogger Yael Tzur said...

We thought we got rid of you :-( Didn't you pick Mongolia just because there is no internet connection?! Let us rest in peace

10:12 PM  
Blogger Yael Tzur said...

Urgent banner request!
Please create a complete new set of banners for the new SUB. I need it ASAP. Already approved by management.

10:19 PM  
Anonymous Nick (the other one) said...

Hey Kobbie, what is it with you and little girls?

But seriously, it's got to be said, you write really well so keep it up coz I can't wait to hear more about the fantastic adventures of Ko On The Go and Rami, his trusty side-kick :)

Look after yourselves,

4:00 PM  

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