Monday, August 15, 2005

Sooooo much to tell

It's been only 3 days in Beijing and so much happend... Well, we got to beijing Saturday morning and got into the shock of our life... We really thought it would be a piece of cake, but Chinese cakes are with no chocolate, so this piece of cake got stuck right in the middle of our throuts!

For start, no one, but NO ONE, talked any English - including taxi drivers. After 30 minutes of trying to explain to many drivers that we need a certain hotel, we decided to tell them just any hotel but that didn't work out as well. I think it took more than an hour but we finally got on a car. A car, not a cab(!)

Some guy (that was standing and laughing at ask when we talked to those drivers...) decided to take us for a great amountof money, and great here does not mean great :) We got to Beijing to the stadium, where we were told we would find a hotel. Let my do it quick - after.. 8 or 9 hours with our bags on us, 56 people who didn't understand our English, 5 or so people who tried to help but gave us false information, 1 unsuccessful phone call, 60 kilometers by foot, 40 liters of sweat, 16 times it rained, 36 degrees weathe, 2,456 bad words we used to get our anger out, 2 took-took drivers who lied to us and took us to a restaurant, claiming it is a hotel and a billion of Chinese people starring at us and laughing - we finally got to a hotel. A very expensive hotel.

At night, after a relaxing shower we met our first partner to Mongolia - Shlomit. We talked before in Israel and we fially met that night. Shlomit knows some Chinese so from that moment we started to get by easily. She it a very nice 22 yo girl, which it traveling in China for 5 months already.

The morning after we went to the forbidden city. We didn't get in cause it was too busy and we didn't really care about it anyway. China is very hot right now and sooooooo wet. You sweat like a pig to the point that you don't care anymore and you walk outside totally wet, wiping your face with your wet shirt infront of everyone and it is perfectly fine.

One more thing about Beijing is the smell. It is a terrible mixture of sweat, meat of all kinds, oil, oil and oil! The Metro is the worst! But you get used to it.

We continued the day with some shopping. Beijing is THE place to shop! So many malls, markets and stores, and sooo many things to buy at cheap prices.
We bought some small stuff but Shlomit (a shopping addict) bought all the merchant of Beijing :)

The sales people and any other person we met are very kind and friendly, even though most of them speak no English at all. That's why I'm already starting to learn Chinese :)

At night we went to meet the second partner for Mongolia at her hostel. On the way, in some small street, we saw a guy burning the furr of a dead dog, to get him ready for cooking. It was a Korean restaurant the sell dogs as food. Oh yes.

The second partner, Michal, told us today morning that she decided not to join us. Some fucked up guy named Mako (also known as "the Israeli Captain" :)) told her that Mongolia is bad and that she shouldn't go. Oh well.

At noon we went to the train station to get the tickets to Mongolia. We met an American guy (merde i can't remember his name) who deiced to join us for Mongolia. We got the LAST 4 tickets for tomorrow's train. It is a 13 hours ride to the border. After that we will spend there the night and take another 15 hours traing from the border to Ulan Bataar, the capitol. It is soooo close right now that I can smell it :) Oh shit, I am still in Beijing, I should hold my breath again.

So What have I learned so far?
1. Always know where you are going and prepare to it in advance
2. Never pack too much stuff (I throwed half of my stuff after the lousy day one
3. Sweating like a pix is really ok
4. Chinese people are cool
5. I like to bargain and get the price to 3% of the original price (I bought a tie for 10 Yuan after the woman asked for 388
6. Chinese food rocks

So.. that's it for now - take care ya all!



Anonymous Francine said...

Hey Kobbie,
I couldn't stop laughing as I read about your adventure so far! Except of course about the dog - ugh. Just realized that Rami had to fly for umpteen hours with you - now i remember why he would have been so quiet for a change - lol

Have fun guys!! Keep us posted.

8:31 PM  
Anonymous xira said...

Chinese food rocks?
Walla, who knew?
Glad you are having the time of your life. Good luck on the train trip (why aren't you guys flying btw? aren't there airplanes in Mongolia... on second thought, don't answer that.)

Hope to hear from you guys again soon.

9:08 AM  
Blogger Denis said...

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12:27 PM  
Blogger Denis said...

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I wait for continuation with impatience

Have a good time but take care

12:29 PM  

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