Friday, September 30, 2005

Moron, where all the morons live...

The third day we got to a small city called "Moron". It wasn't really a city, more like a small town, filled with morons.

The atmosphere over there was just scary... The sky were red and covered with clouds, the streets were dirty and busy with lots of ugly people who looked violent and hostile. Everyone were looking at us as we went out of the car, but they didn't carry the typical smiley, oh here's a nice tourist, look on their faces. I think it was more like a look of, I wanna smash you heads and get you money. If I try to find some parallel place that I can compare Moron to, it will be the 1880's Texas we've all seen in the movies.

We only got there to get more grocery products for our cooking. We stared heading to the store and Avner decided to get a photo of the place. He pulled out his camera from his bag and pointed it to the back of the road, probably to get both the red sky and the people. Suddenly we heard someone yelling at us. It was a man, around 50 years old, very ugly and even more than that drunk. He raised his bottle at us and started crossing the dirt road on our direction. Some local people who saw that got him and dragged him back to the stairways where he was sitting before. We moved on to the store but we couldn't find anything there so we continued to the black market.

Moron streets were bad enough so you can imagine the black market over there. Right on the entrance to the market we heard some dog crying and then we so the dog running out of the market while some other drunk moron is kicking him. All that we wanted is to finish our shopping as soon as possible and get out of there. After 10 minutes we got out of the market and went back to the car, getting the same looks again but now with an extra of "I want your grocery bags too".

Moron was terrible, and I swear they were all morons, but a few days after on the way back we had to go through Moron again. The sky were still red and cloudy, the people were still morons and wanted to smash our heads but this time no one actually tried that.


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