Friday, September 30, 2005

My horse just loves farting

When we got to the famous big "Hofsgol" lake we rented horses. We got horses with a normal saddle and not the local wooden saddle. My horse was too short for me but all Mongolian horses are quite short. We started riding slowly but after a couple of minutes I started going really fast. Rami managed to control his horse also but Avner and shlomit were behind us most of the time. After maybe 15 minutes I turned around and saw Shlomit losing control on her horse and heading fast towards a big tree. She tried to avoid hitting the big branch with her head by lowering her head but that made her fall. It was a big and funny fall but I only allowed myself laughing after I saw her getting up in one piece.

We continued riding and then I started hearing loud farting noises. My horse was farting. He was farting according to the way he was moving, flarp, flarp, floorp, flarp, flarp, floorp! For the whole ride who took around 4 hours he was just farting all the time! Flarp and floorp and sometimes flirp, so I decided to call him "hazarzir" the Hebrew name for "Piglet" from the Winnie the pooh story.

Riding the horse felt really natural for me. I enjoyed every moment of it, going slow or fast. The view around the lake was breath-taking. The lake was aqua blue, the mountains around it were beautiful and the sky were blue in a way that I've never seen before. the nature around the north of Mongolia is amazing.

In the end of the first day's ride we got to a Ger camp, sort of a hotel in Mongolian terms. They had a ping-pong table there and I was really happy to find out that Wire'e, the driver, knew ping-pong and in fact was the son of a professional ping-pong player. We started playing and I quite bit him up. He was very skilled with the technical part but was weak with his strategy, so I won most of the games.

The second day we had another 5 hours with the horse and we continued riding around the lake. This time we did it on a hidden dirt path, going between trees and having a great view of the lake. I felt like I want to this for the rest of my life, move to Mongolia, buy a Ger and a horse and travel in this peace forever, and then I heard "hazarzir" farting again, well I think I'll just go back to Israel and my air conditioned car...


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