Monday, September 12, 2005

The Ride in the Russian Van

So we got a Russian van. But what is a Russian van you might be wondering?

Well.. it is a van.. but.. Russian. Which means that it is not like any other car you have ever known before. I guess it had all of the Russian characteristics - tough, reliable and makes no sense to anyone that is not Russian. It seems like they've been producing this car for a few centuries cause it is just so good, and it is. The outside of the van reminds the old 60's Volkswagen van, but instead of the lovely colors and flowers on that German brother this one just wears a military olive green color. How militant.

We spent so many hours in the car, jumping on bumpy roads, feeling nauseous 90% of the time and hitting our heads every minute or two. And I'm talking about 4-10 hours for a typical ride. Mongolia is just huge. I became so tired during those rides, starring through the window like a zombie, not digesting anything from the scenery. The bad smell was getting worse and worse every day because of the food at the back and the garbage adding up. We also had a permanent problem with some gasoline licking and burning our lungs. Some times it was a real nightmare to sit in that car but somehow I made it without throwing up not even once. Oh yes.

But there were also some good sides to these rides. We had some stops :)

And I don't just mean any stops, I mean stops to take photos of eagles, camels, yaks and some great mountains. Another kind of stops that became typical was the holy places. In Mongolia they have this really cool thing that they can just pick a spot for whatever unknown reason and decide that it is sacred. To mark that the wrap the whole area with some wood branches and blue ribbons and that's it. It is sacred. And if you ever dare to touch it or break it, you'll have billions of people rushing at you from any spot in Mongolia, putting you deep in the ground and wrapping the whole area with some really nasty colored ribbons. At least that's what the guide told me. Did I tell ya already how easily they get offended?

In the car we also had some good times, with good music, good humor, some good sleep and then.. oops.. flat tire! We had 3 of them during the whole trip and numerous technical problems, but somehow we always managed to continue after a short while, mostly thanks to our experienced driver.

So that's it as for the Russian van. On our next episode: "Tegshe & Wir'ee" or in some normal words - our guide and driver, two real characters :)


Blogger Denis said...

Amazing !!!
You will return as already other person?

Where are the pictures?

10:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow! so you see Kia is not that bad...

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Nicc said...

I would have written sooner, but 3 showers, 21 days, dirty clothes - my head was down a bowl :8

Have you met any decendants for Genghis Khan - small men, big mostaches, peculiar penchant for furry hats.... ;)

It sounds like you are having a blast and the pictures were amazing!!!!

5:11 PM  

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