Friday, September 23, 2005

Tegshe & Wire'e (the guide and the driver)

It's about time to tell you about these guys...


Tegshe, the guide, is 21 years old. We met him in the train station right after arriving to Ulaan-Bataar. Many people came to us and offered us a guesthouse or tour services, but I had to pick Tegshe. I picked him only because his look - he was dressed in the most bizarre way you can imagine, a jeans with knee holes, like back in the early 90's, a normal t-shirt and... a tie! He also had a well designed Mohawk on his head which made him look a bit more ridiculous. I just thought to myself, man, this is the right guy!

But when we went to the country side and our trip started he changed his outfit radically. From now on he would only wear the same clothes all the time - a Russian army jacket, Russian army trousers, USSR t-shirt, high army boots and a pair of huge knives hanging on his belt. When I asked him if he was pro-Russian, he said he hates the Russians. When I tried to explain that it does not make any sense, he replied that he was wearing these clothes so that the children would know about Mongolia's history with the Russian and would hate them too. Now that's a real patriot...

Tegshe was the group leader, which basically means that he was giving us orders and we would follow them most of the time. He was a bit militant I'd say. But he was also a fun guy and a pretty good cook. We had a couple of traditional wrestling sessions with him and he kicked our asses even though he was a skinny fellow.

Tegshe had another hobby besides wrestling, he liked killing animals and little bugs. He was very much into fishing but we kind of enjoyed that I guess. But besides fishing he was killing almost any grasshopper that crossed his way, butterflies, mosquitoes, small bugs, big bugs and any kind of bug that exists in Mongolia. He also told us he likes hunting, as if that one wasn't obvious.

Wire'e (the next "Han")

Wire'e was just the opposite of Tegshe'e. He was over 40, a bit chubby, and looked like a sweet father. He was also into fishing but he was very calm about it and just enjoyed standing by the water and starring at the river. He almost spoke no English but still we managed to have a few nice conversations with him. Long time ago he studied "Economical-engineering" and tried to do that for some time, but it wasn't paid enough (less than a $100 a month) so somehow he found himself working as a driver, getting paid well and enjoying the fishing and the company.

Wire'e had an original phrase of his own, in English: "Oh yes!". Since his English wasn't really there, he used this phrase most of the time, sometimes to let you know that he understood what you were saying and sometimes just for no reason. After a while we got caught up with this phrase and we couldn't stop using the "oh yes!" our selves. We fell in love with Wire'e and decided that we would like to see him as the next "han" (king), like the former Jighiss Han. I decided that when I get back home I will take one of his photos and use it to make a t-shirt with his face and the famous line "oh yes!" and we will then start the campaign that will get him the "Han" title. Oh yes!

"Shimshon and Yovav"

Fishing and laughing, laughing and fishing, that's about all that these two did. In the famous "Pinokiyo" story they had two funny characters, the cleaver fox and the funny fat cat. In Israel their names were "Shimshon & Yovav". One day it hit me that Tegshe and Wiree were just like these funny characters. Tegshe was of course the fox that always had the plan and Wire'e was just following his orders without arguing.

Most of the places they took us were rivers or lakes. So that they can fish. They had a passion for fishing and most of the time they did well. In cases that they weren't doing to well, Wire'e would just come back to the camp and play cards with us, while Tegshe spend another hour or two before he admits his defeat.

I can say now that this couple gave us some good time and we enjoyed traveling with them. And any of you that ever lose his mind and decides to go to Mongolia, please contact me and I'll give you their details so you can contact them.

On our next episode: "Wild beasts outside the tent on our first night of camping"


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Anonymous nicc said...

I heard rumours that the origonal travelling crew has seperated. I am sure they are just mallicious gossip, but I have to ask...

No I don't forget it! I love the stories. Avoda need a new leader can you bring Wir'e back with you?

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