Friday, September 30, 2005

Wild beasts outside the tent on our first night of camping

It's the first night, we go to sleep in the tent. Not too easy to fall asleep in a tent after you are used to a big bad in a room with air conditioning. It's pretty cold in Mongolia even though it is only August. The days are very warm but at night you can feel that winter is arriving. At some point I fell asleep. I don't know how long I slept but after some time I woke up cause I was hearing weird sounds from outside the tents. It sounded like some animal was kicking the tent. I raised my head and looked at Rami and Shlomit, they both woke up. What is it? I asked. Might be some wild beast, maybe wolfs, Rami said.

We were pretty scared. I got my pocket knife in my hand. Didn't quite know what I'm gonna do with it but thought it's still a good idea. I started thinking to myself, man that was obvious, what the hell were you thinking? This is nature, there are wolfs in Mongolia! The "beast" continued kicking the tent gently, as if it was trying to understand what's in it, and then we heard another sound. I think it's a horse, I said. Well, it might step on me, I was thinking, since it was kicking my side of the tent. Well, it might be, whatever... said Rami, and then we all decided to go to sleep.

It took me a while but I managed to go to sleep. The next morning we told this to Tegshe, the guide, and he started laughing at us, city boys, saying that it was a horse and of course there was nothing to be afraid of...

Sometimes, when you change environment, especially if it is a radical change, you find out that some of the things you learned in life and helped you getting around in your natural environment are not valid for the new place, and in tha t new place you have to learn some basic things from scratch, just like a little kid, in order to to find your way.


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