Saturday, October 01, 2005

Zombie no more!

When we first started to plan the trip in Mongolia, we decided to go for 21 days to the countryside, all the way from the capitol, Ulan-bataar, up to "Hofsgol" lake in the north and down to the "Gobbi" desert in the south. We didn't realise then how big Mongolia is and how slow and hard the ride in the Russian van is.

As I explained before, we had some hard time inside that van. The gasoline smell, the bumpy road, not being able to sleep and not being able to digest the scenery. In one word - Zombie. Well, a week after we started this trip I decided - Zombie no more! I decided that I am not that interested in getting to all parts of Mongolia and that I can easily be satisfied with just the north part of it. I mean, the Gobbi is probably just like the "Negev" in Israel, or maybe a little nicer, but I'm pretty sure it is more appealing for Europeans or people from other cold countries who have never seen a desert before. Another thing is that when you move so fast and spend 8-10 hours every day in the van, you don't really get to see or be in Mongolia. A typical day during that first week was: Get up in the morning, cook breakfast, get everything in the van, go on the van for a ride of 8-10 hours, sometimes stop on the way for 10-15 minutes of sightseeing, get to the next station by evening or night time, build up the tents, cook dinner, eat dinner, wash the dishes, go to sleep. That obviously wasn't seeing Mongolia, or being in Mongolia. I decided to leave the group when we get to the next city.

I told Rami about my decision and he said he feels the same but he is not leaving the group yet. A few hours later I told Shlomit and Avner and we all set together and got to the conclusion that we are giving up on Gobbi. With that new, shorter and slower route, I decided to stay in the group. From that moment I started to feel great. Before that I was quite depressed, I felt like I'm missing Mongolia while staying in it. On one side I did want to leave the group, probably cause I'm not a group person and I really like being on my own, but when they all said they want to give up on the Gobbi, I thought that things can get better also for the group dynamic that was starting to get tensed.

We decided to tell Tegshe, the guide, about our decision, the next day.


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Anonymous Nicc said...

Shana Tova - yedidi!

The pics were great, but there were not enough - sort it out ;)

I was more please to hear about the ping-pong. As representative of your nation you done well beat him - I only hope you gloated well too!

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