Monday, October 10, 2005

Fish in the International Space Station

The next morning we got up to our first day at the White Lake.

I swear, I don't know why they call it the white lake. If it was up to me I would call it the green lake maybe, or the brown lake or "God's little toilet lake". But anyway it's a nice lake :-) We had a day off, which means that Tegshe and Wire'e went to town and left us alone. It did feel like a day off and I guess it was because of Tegshe's bossy behaviour. We spent most of the day lying on the sand, writing, drawing and talking, until they got back in the evening.

We told Tegshe about giving up on the Gobbi desert. He was very disappointed, for him it was a failure, being a bad guide. He tried to understand why and we gently explained our "being zombies" reasons. He said he understands and that it is our trip and he is here to make us happy, but it was obvious that he felt blame. Or maybe, he just really wanted to see the Gobbi, maybe he was never there... who knows...

At night, me Shlomit and Rami took our sleeping bags out of the Ger and lied on the ground to watch the stars. The sky were clear and it was a perfect night for watching stars. We saw many falling stars, I think maybe 20 or 30 of them. Being outside in the nature and watching the sky at night is something so basic and yet so rewarding, it feels so great and I just wish I was able to do it at home, in the city of artificial lights.

I went into the Ger to get my jacket and I found there Tegshe and Wire'e, standing around the table, the solar lamp over their heads beeping to let them know it will soon go off, and they are just standing there cutting the fish they got today with great pleasure. This funny couple is just so in love with fishing and anything related to fish. They had a pile of fish slices and another pile of fresh fish just waiting for their skilled hands. They looked happy, busy with their work, telling jokes and laughing. I got back outside and lied again on my sleeping bag to watch the sky. We saw something who looked like a star that was moving slowly in the sky. I told Rami and Shlomit that I've seen this thing a few times before and that I think it is probably a surveillance plane because it is flying so high. Rami said that it isn't a surveillance plane and that it's the International Space Station. He got really excited and started explaining us about it. We believed him even though after two days he admitted that he just saw this moving star again and this time he actually saw two of them going in different directions :)

We continued watching the sky and I started imagining Teshe and Wire'e, standing in the middle of the international space station, between two piles of fish, one pile already sliced, the other floating a few centimeters over the table, waiting for their loving hands and funny jokes.


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