Monday, October 10, 2005

Late night Chess

It's night time. Everyone went to sleep and Tegshe invited me to play chess with him. It is going to be a night of chess and vodka, and not just any vodka, Mongolian vodka, and not just any Mongolian vodka, one of the worst Mongolian vodkas - "ICE vodka"! Well, what can I say, I like chess and I like drinking, and mixing them just sounds like a great idea.

The vodka is starting to take its effect on me as we are in the middle of the first game. Tegshe looks like he is still focused and he pours us another cup and fill it to the end. I lose the first game. Tegshe looks at his watch, shakes my hand and says "happy birthday". Walla... I forgot :) it is my birthday cause it's midnight now. I told Tegshe three days ago that my is coming and he actually remembered that.

Many bugs are flying over our heads. Tegshe is starting to get pissed off. He really hates bugs. He is starting to kill them, one by one. At some point he loses his temper and start hitting the table. I tell him, Tegshe you will wake up the guys! He can't see me, he has this weird, mad look in his eyes. He is hitting the table again and again, almost dropping the chess board off the table, and then it happened. He hit some sharp thing on the table and cut his hand. It was just a small cut but for Tegshe it was a big humiliation. He stands up, goes to his jacket and pools out his knife. Every flying bug or butterfly he manages to catch, he puts on the table and stab it with his knife. For more than 5 minutes I am sitting there, watching him and laughing. As he comes down and sit back on his chair I tell him "man, you are crazy :)" and start laughing. He says "It's your turn, play", as if nothing happened.

The solar lamp has been beeping for hours now. I tell Tegshe that the sound of the lamp reminds me the last days in the hospital with my Mom, when she was connected to the monitor and me and my brother were sitting there, starring at the screen, watching the numbers going a bit lower every day. Tegshe said he is sorry to hear that my mother died and then he told me that his mother died also, and after taking a few seconds to calculate he said it was 26 days ago. It felt strange, like something got us here together, sharing the same loss and the same pain.

We start another game, Tegshe playes very strong but somehow, I don't really know how, I win. We decide to have a third game that will determine the winner of this drunk chess contest. It is a tight game, we both have almost no pieces left, but Tegshe has a queen so I surrender.


Anonymous Francine said...

Happy Birthday! Although according to your email it was probably a month ago. Seems like you're having an amazing trip. Keep the updates coming - they're great!

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Yionna said...

Happy Birthday (Belated now!) Kobbie!
You are missed here... We love your stories, they keep the day entertaining!!

4:10 PM  

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